Newry City (Nir) - Dundela (Nir)

2:1 (1:1,1:0)
06.08.2022 15:00

Summary | Lineups

Newry City (Nir)

1Maguire S. (G)
24Forde L.
2King D.
17Martin A.
4McGivern R.
6McGovern J.
18Moan S.
35Montgomery D.
33Scullion D.
15Teelan J.
5Trialist G

13Brady N. (G)
8Carville D.
19Healy B.
3Healy N.
9Hughes D.
12Kwelele E.
14McKeown L.
Trialist B
Trialist C
Trialist D

Dundela (Nir)

1Shields N. (G)
8Dobbin C.
6Faulkner W.
9Fearon D.
10Fyfe E.
5Magee J.
4McGovern J.
3McKay R.
7McMaster D.
2Rodgers C.
21Trialist A

11Annett R.
Cairns M.
16Dinu S.
15Donaldson D.
20Shaw E.
14Tom M.

1.43 | 4.58 | 5.75


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