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Norway - Tippeligaen




FK Haugesund

halftime (2:0)
85' Jose Mota
80' Thomas Holm
79' in Magnus Stamnestroe
79' out Mattias Mostroem
78' Tor Arne Andreassen
67' out Umaru Bangura
67' in Trygve Nygaard
66' out Magnus Wolff Eikrem
66' in Jose Mota
63' Mattias Mostroem
62' Vegard Forren
54' in Thomas Holm
54' out Magne Hoseth
49' out Jacob Soerensen
49' in Alexander Soederlund
35' Ugonna Anyora
15' Mattias Mostroem
12' Daniel Chima
Venue nameAker Stadion
Game started18:00:08 CET
First half ended18:47:19 CET
Second half started19:00:07 CET
Game ended19:50:26 CET
Molde formation4-3-3
FK Haugesund formation4-4-2
Goalkeeper: Espen Bugge Pettersen

Defence: El Hadji Makhtar Thioune
Defence: Kristoffer Paulsen Vatshaug
Defence: Vegard Forren
Defence: Magne Simonsen

Midfield: Daniel Berg Hestad
Midfield: Magnus Wolff Eikrem
Midfield: Magne Hoseth

Forward: Davy Claude Angan
Forward: Mattias Mostroem
Forward: Daniel Chima

Substitute player: Joshua Gatt
Substitute player: Knut Doerum Lillebakk
Substitute player: Paal Erik Ulvestad
Substitute player: Christian Steen
Substitute player: Jose Mota
Substitute player: Thomas Holm
Substitute player: Magnus Stamnestroe

Coach: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Goalkeeper: Per Morten Kristiansen

Defence: Chris Pozniak
Defence: Are Tronseth
Defence: Vegard Skjerve
Defence: Tor Arne Andreassen

Midfield: Umaru Bangura
Midfield: Ugonna Anyora
Midfield: Jacob Soerensen
Midfield: Daniel Bamberg

Forward: Nikola Djurdjic
Forward: Thomas Soerum

Substitute player: Alexander Soederlund
Substitute player: Lars Oevernes
Substitute player: Sten Ove Eike
Substitute player: Tom Erik Nordberg
Substitute player: Ole Kristian Kraakmo
Substitute player: Trygve Nygaard

Coach: Jostein Grindhaug